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DISCOVER STREET FASHION WEEK +SFW is a bi-annual production held in accordance with the global fashion calendar that seeks to propel and reinvigorate the conversation about emerging designer talent in a field commonly known as r 'street' fashion by industry insiders and newcomers alike.

CONNECT +Street Fashion Week is a unique opportunity for designers to connect with members of the press, build stronger relationships with wholesale buyers and engage consumers.

PROMOTE+ Join the roster of elite designers as they showcase on our interactive platforms, innovative panel sessions moderated by industry leaders and provocative and engaging interviews.



Street Fashion Week has been featured in publications like Vogue Italia, Fashion Week Online, CBS, Fashion Bomb Daily, Yahoo, Los Angeles Herald & More....


My experience at Street Fashion Week catapulted my business into the growth that we are currently experiencing

Francki Designer Ex- Mermaid


Participation in this show is an education within itself. They walk you through the process; as long as you keep an open mind, your business will be positively impacted.

Tier NYC Designer